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Theme Park Reviewer Jessica Brambilla Discusses Changes in Theme Park Operation for 2020 and Beyond

Theme park reviewer Jessica Brambilla discusses changes in theme park operations for the remainder of 2020, and beyond.

The year 2020, has been a year of uncertainty for many industries. One of the industries drastically affected by the Coronavirus pandemic is that of outdoor theme parks. Jessica Brambilla is a theme park reviewer, and she has recently discussed COVID-19 changes that are expected to be made in the theme park industry this year. 

“All forms of entertainment will have to adapt to new ways of operation,” Jessica Brambilla said. “The theme park industry is no different. In fact, theme parks will likely face a lot of challenges with upcoming reopening schedules.”

Jessica Brambilla explained that theme parks will likely reopen with limited capacity in hopes of supporting social distancing. However, Jessica Brambilla explains that social distancing isn’t something that has ever been practiced at theme parks, so visitors will have to do their part to comply. Parks will have to implement new health and safety measures, including temperature screenings, sanitation stations and possibly required mask-wearing.

“We’re already seeing these processes be put into place as Disney parks open in China,” Jessica Brambilla said. “Visitors at the Shanghai Disney Resort are wearing masks, undergoing temperature checks and remaining a healthy distance apart.”

Jessica Brambilla also explained that we can expect less person-to-person interaction and more tech-based transactions. She described that processes were already heading toward ticket-less and cash-less transactions, and now they’re being implemented early. It’s expected that visitors will be required to use online and phone-based payment methods. 

“We’ll probably be seeing a major change in the way queues work,” Jessica Brambilla said. “Virtual queues could prevent the clustering that used to occur in nearly every theme park line.”

Jessica Brambilla described that while virtual queues may sound logistically impossible, they’ve already been used for the Rise of the Resistance attractions at Disneyland and more. She explained that Disney and other parks are expected to roll out more virtual queues for openings in 2020, and the upcoming years. Jessica Brambilla added that these virtual queues will also benefit guests, allowing them to spend less time waiting in long lines. 

“We can all expect rides that have been sanitized much more frequently than ever before, and employees that are dressed in far more protective clothing,” Jessica Brambilla said. “Many of the changes we see will be very positive for visitors.”

Jessica Brambilla explained there’s no doubt the theme park industry as we know it will be changing. She stated that we’ll be seeing less parades, theatrical productions and fireworks for now. However, she and other theme park experts remain optimistic that the industry will begin to thrive again in the coming months and years. 

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