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Theme Park Reviewer Jessica Brambilla Discusses the New The Bourne Stuntacular Attraction at Universal Orlando

Theme park reviewer Jessica Brambilla discusses the new The Bourne Stuntacular attraction at Universal Orlando.

The Universal Orlando resort is always at the cutting-edge of theme park attractions. Right now, while most theme parks around the country remain closed due to the coronavirus pandemic, The Bourne Stuntacular is giving enthusiasts a peak at what this state-of-the-art attraction will entail. Theme park reviewer and ride expert Jessica Brambilla recently discussed this upcoming Universal Orlando show.

Jessica Brambilla described the Bourne Stuntacular attraction will be a complete stunt show. It will feature extreme stunts, incredible technology, unique effects, and storytelling. The virtual sneak peek was just released on June 29, 2020. Jessica Brambilla explained that the ride was developed by the Bourne series filmmakers, which is likely much of why it’s so impressive. 

“Those who experience this attraction are going to feel like they’re living in a Jason Bourne film,” Jessica Brambilla said. “It’s obvious the technology is so advanced that visitors will have a difficult time telling the difference between reality and the attraction itself.”

Jessica Brambilla provided some details that have been unveiled. The show will feature a 3,640-square-foot LED screen in front of the audience. The intricate maneuvers will be performed by actual stuntmen who spent eight months rehearsing for the live-action. Jessica Brambilla added that a free fall from 22 feet in the air is one of the remarkable stunts viewers can expect to see. 

“Fans of the Bourne films, or any action films, will be in heaven,” Jessica Brambilla said. “The moment they enter, they’re in a museum of Bourne props, images, and even a motorcycle used in the Bourne Ultimatum. The show itself is like viewing the ultimate Bourne film in the ultimate theater.”

Jessica Brambilla explained that the show will not go on without proper protections against Covid-19. The theater and all surfaces will be thoroughly disinfected between every viewing. All viewers will be required to wear masks and spaces will be left between parties. 

“This is the start of reopening theme parks around the globe, and Universal Orlando knows they need to protect their guests and make them feel safe,” Jessica Brambilla said. “We’re all eager to get back to summers at our favorite theme parks, so we’ll have to wear masks, bring sanitizer, and do what we can to stay safe, so we can enjoy attractions like the Bourne Stuntacular.”

Jessica Brambilla finished by stating the Bourne Stuntacular is expected to be one of the best new shows to hit theme parks this year. 


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